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Friday, 27 January 2012

Tartine Bakery - Guerrero Street, San Francisco

Tartine take bread seriously, but in a laid back kind of way, of course. I was recommended the Tartine Bakery for breakfast, in fact I was told there was no point eating breakfast anywhere else in San Fran. You can't ignore a recommendation like that now can you?

Now cue the queue. Any great eatery worth their weight in twitter followers has an equally sizeable queue to match, that's just how it rolls these days. Not one to let a queue get in the way of my breakfast I stood 45 minutes and thought long and hard about what to order.

Tartine , famous for their bread making methods which result in a brilliant loaf that lasts for the best part of a week. All the bread sells out almost instantly as the bakery opens each morning. The closest I got to trying the infamous bread was the base of my turkey croque monsieur. Even then I could see what all the fuss was about, a light and airy bread with a crispy crust.
A morning bun, brioche bread and butter pudding with seasonal fruits, a turkey croque monsieur, fresh orange juice and a bowl of coffee later I was ready to take on a day in San Fran. 

I wouldn't recommend going to San Francisco without trying this place at least once, even for a quick slice of lunchtime quiche or their newly opened restaurant, Bar Tartine, in The Mission district. 

600 Guerrero Street San Francisco, CA 94110 

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