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Friday, 27 January 2012

Breakfast in America

#BLAK is my motto (breakfast like a king, obviously). A good or bad breakfast can determine your mood for the day, and food moods are the worst.

I'm not suggesting that every morning you indulge in waffles, maple syrup, crispy bacon and fruit loops, such a breakfast is only appropriate when dining at an American hotel breakfast buffet.

Props to whoever invented the waffle iron, I heard it was the Dutch.


Dennys, a roadside diner famous for always being open, kind of like a US version of Little Chef I guess, but less grey and sad.

The Grand Slamwich – a sandwich version of their famous Grand Slam breakfast introduced in 1977, consisting of double scrambled egg with sausage pieces, crispy bacon, shaved ham, American cheese, potato bread grilled with maple spiced spread served with cheesy American style hash brown. Jeez.

Craving a classsic American coffee and doughnut breakfast I headed to Winchells, previously owned by fellow American chain Denny's.  

Winchells, has the doughnut scene on lock down making over 70 different types of doughnuts.


A 'mini' apple fritter

Chocolate dougnut filled with custard.

Breakfast in LA can literally be anything you fancy. Try these links below I found whilst searching for the ultimate breakfast if you're in need of breakfast inspiration. 


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