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Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Grilled Cheese Truck

After a trip to The Grilled Cheese Truck you'll find yourself asking, what was life before bacon aioli?

I first heard about The Grilled Cheese Truck through LATimes Food twitter. It was a close call between this here truck and the institution that is In and Out burger when contemplating what I would bring back to London if I could (despite rumors, In and Out Burger have not confirmed any plans to expand into the UK just yet)

Driving 25 miles from Silverlake to Redondo Beach through the famous LA rush hour traffic may seem a bit crazy, especially if you compare it to driving from London to Welling Garden City for what is essentially a cheese toastie. 

Arriving at The Gasser Lounge, a blacked out dive bar on Aviation Blvd where The Grilled Cheese Truck was set up for the evening, greeted with a queue to rival MEATliquor on a Friday night. The queue is perfect time to study the menu and decide wisely.


The Wednesday chicken and waffle special had sold out, instead I turn to the Pepperbelly melt made up of spicy habanero jack cheese, homemade chilli, crunchy fritos, fire roasted salsa and cilantro lime sour cream on a jalapeno and cheddar bread. This melt was just the right balance of real cheesy-ness and intense burning spice. The fritos (American version of Wotsits)crunch stood up well to the cheesy chilli moistness.

We also ordered their signature melt, The Fully Loaded Cheesy mac and Rib with house smoked BBQ pork + caramelized onions and  cheddar. This was just as buff as it sounds.

The half sack of tater tats, which are like homemade deep fried potato croquettes sprinkled with sea salt, went perfectly with the crispy bacon aioli and the sweet and sour homemade pickles were the ultimate additions to the cheesy melts.
Each melt was packaged up nicely in one these foil pouches, good for keeping half to eat the next morning when your eyes are bigger than your belly.

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