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Friday, 5 August 2011

The importance of the filter coffee

I feel the filter coffee is somewhat overlooked in the beverage game ever since the Americano came and took it's place as a 'normal' coffee.

Regardless of the Americano trend, retro burger joint Jenny's still knows the importance of a good filter coffee on your average cafe menu ( I use the term retro burger joint very loosely)

I came across a Jenny's on my travels the other day and felt like needed go in and step back in time to 1992 when going to Jenny's with my Ma was a massive treat. Jenny's still rules for things like maple syrup pancakes with whipped cream and an egg burger with cheese, don't get it twisted.

Another beverage which is overlooked in this coffee culture day and ages is the simple hot choc with whipped cream. Jenny's was on point with this too.

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